Jacqueline Danforth is Barbara Walters’ daughter and she has been arrested for a DUI. Yes this time it is not the famous reporter making her headlines but her daughter.

Jacqueline Danforth Mugshot

According to the local police in Naples, Florida 44-year old Danforth was taken into custody on Sunday morning for suspicion of DUI. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office has revealed that Jacquelin was later released on a $1,000 bond not too long after her arrest. Her mugshot photo has been circulating online since her arrest, as you can see above. The details of the arrest have yet to be revealed. It is unclear whether she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of her arrest.

This is the first time that Danforth, who is the adopted daughter of Barbara and her second husband Lee Guber, has gotten into trouble with the law as an adult. However she did have a very troubled childhood that involve being addicted to both drugs and alcohol. Her troubles as a child were greatly shielded by her mother inorder to protect her daughter from the media scrutiny.

It wasn’t until Jacqueline and Barbara spoke to Dateline back in 2003 regarding Danforth’s wild teenage ways that anyone even knew what the two had gone through, you can read more about the interview here. It was revealed that at the age of 13 she would sneak out of Walters’ house so that she could party it up at the infamous Studio 54. It was there she would partake in drugs like marijuana, methamphetamines, quaaludes and valium. As for why she was using drugs to numb the pain, Danforth believes it stemmed from feeling of abandonment she felt because she was adopted. Things came to a head when the teenager eventually ran away from Barbara’s home in NYC and headed south. Walters’ shared she did not hear from her daughter for a month but once she did action was taken.

Thanks to her running away and her mother taking action, Jacqueline was finally sent to an intervention program in Idaho. During their joint 2003 interview Danforth credited her mother for saving her life, admitting she would be dead if Barbara had not stepped in. After her stint in rehab she moved in with her father, who had been divorced from Walters for years, changed her last name and eventually graduated high-school.

Although Barbara Walters’ daughter Jacqueline Danforth was arrested on the suspicion of DUI, she has not gotten in serious trouble since she was a teen. In fact she used her own experiences as a wild child to help others. She created New Horizons, which is a program for young women that combines clinical therapy with outdoor living. It is similar to the program that helped her get clean all those years ago.

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