Reports are surfacing that the Bachelor’s Chris Harrison has finally moved on. Kelly Sarac (photos below) was identified by an online magazine as the woman whisked away on an expensive Caribbean vacation for two. If they are indeed a new couple we wish them the best of success.

Photo: Kelly Sarac
(credit Facebook)

We wish them more success than he had with Gwen Harrison, his wife who married him almost twenty years ago. They are living well apart now after separating in 2012. The couple have two beautiful teenage children, and that is definitely a success. We all know that celebrity marriages almost never last more than two years, so The Bachelor host had a long, long run by Hollywood standards.

Which brings us now to Kelly Sarac, who was named in an online publication here. Reports are that they were hugging and extremely affectionate on their little getaway. However, note that his agent issued a statement saying they are “just friends.” I think that is really admirable for Chris to try to take the spotlight away from her. Some women have a difficult time dating celebrities so less publicity is probably a good thing for the health of their relationship.

Biography: Kelly Sarac is a Southern California girl who is into yoga and fitness. She is around 40 years old but doesn’t look a day over 30 with her gorgeous blonde hair, beautiful brown eyes and mesmerizing smile. You can find Kelly’s Twitter page here and her Facebook page over there.

Ms. Sarac graduated high school from the beautiful southern California community of Santa Monica in 1989. She then went on to obtain her college degree from Arizona State University. She currently lives in Oak Park, California with three beautiful children of her own, two girls and a boy. Throw in a cute little Shih-Tzu and you have all the makings of a gorgeous family, absent just one thing: a bachelor to say “I do.”

If Kelly Sarac is indeed his new lady, and we hope it is true, we wish them the best of luck in their relationship. If they really are just friends then let’s hope it progresses into something more including a lot more exotic vacations! She is a beautiful and substantial woman, someone who makes a fantastic match for Chris.

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