In today’s classroom, you never know who is recording what’s being said and done. Mostly it’s fights that make Youtube, but occasionally it’s the tense moments between teachers and students that make headlines. That’s the case when it comes to the Jeff Bliss video, which was shot in a Texas high school.

Jeff Bliss Video
Photo: Jeff Bliss
Credit: Youtube

Let’s begin by saying that the education system in Texas is a disaster. They allow faith based groups to influence their science curricula, their high stakes testing model has been proven to disproportionately fail minority students, and they resist national trends to find other ways to assess students.

Well now they can take credit for not disciplining a kid who stands up a curses at a teacher in the middle of class.

The issue stems from a moment that occurred before another student began taping his tirade. Bliss claims his teacher said something profane to him after he was asking too many questions. The 18-year-old sophomore (yes, 18) was then ejected from class.

On the way out he began a nice, f-bomb laced rant about her teaching methods. He said that all she does is hand out packets and then expect them to just learn from them. It’s clear in the video she is just sitting there at her desk, but we don’t know if that’s her normal teaching style.

Either way, he basically told her that as a citizen he has a concern with her methods, and that the children are the future of the country. He said something about her paycheck, which was an apparent reference to whatever she said to him.

Anyway, the rant ends with him leaving after telling her that she should be thankful for the lesson he provided in how she should teach.

His points are valid if what he says is true, but we don’t know that detail yet.

The back story is that in Texas, teacher pay is tied to learning gains that are derived from their faulty high-stakes testing system. Good teachers are often forced to water down lessons to conform to the tests because their evaluations are so stringently connected to them. Many teachers would love to try to “touch their hearts” rather than give them endless review sheets.

Again, we don’t know if that’s what this teacher was doing, but it seems to be the case.

Even wilder, the teacher is on paid leave while the district investigates what she said to Bliss before his rant. And to top that, Bliss apparently won’t face any discipline.

That doesn’t make sense, because regardless of what was said, the message you send is that students can say and do whatever they want without consequence.

So check out the Jeff Bliss video and tell us what you think. Should he face discipline?

Video: Jeff Bliss