A lot of marriages end in bitter acrimony but the allegations of a plot against Tim Lambesis’ wife are truly stunning. Meggan Lambesis is the woman literally in the cross-hairs of a brutal scheme if allegations by prosecutors in California are true.

Photo: Meggan Lambesis (upper right)

He of course is the lead singer for the heavy metal band “As I lay dying” and if you sense the irony in that name as it pertains to the charges you won’t be alone. The band has released six albums to date and has two Grammy nominations, one for their latest album “Awakened” and one for the earlier hit single “Nothing Left.”

Lambesis stands accused of a murder for hire plot to bump off his wife who is living separately from him in a nasty divorce battle. Authorities say he offered the grand sum of $1,000 to a fake hit man for the deed. For his part, the rocker says he was framed by someone at a gym and has plead innocence in court. You can read much more here.

Biography: Meggan Lambesis was born Meggan Murphy. The couple were married in 2004 and since that time adopted three children (two daughters and a son) from Ethiopia with her husband, now aged ten, eight and four years old. The children are apparently at the center of acrimony between the divorcing couple. She alleged in legal papers that he was neglectful when they were in his care during their separation. She is a Southern California girl who has reportedly lived in San Marcos, Del Mar, and Encinitas.

Meggan has one music credit to her name that we are aware of which you can find here. She provided vocals for another band Tim fronted called Austrian Death Machine, another ironic name that is starting to creep me out. She sung on the album “Total Brutal” which was released under the Metal Blade Records label.

We have not been able to find a Twitter account of Facebook page for Meggan Lambesis. Perhaps one reason is that she has expressed a fear of her husband in court, which makes perfect sense considering the allegations. We would dearly like to speak with her ourselves or hear from others who know more biographical information about her and can help get her story out to fans.

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