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Julia Roberts sister Nancy Motes is getting married but is the famous actress boycotting the wedding? That is the latest buzz surrounded Julia and it is not painting the A-list star in a very good light.

Julia Roberts
Photo: Julia Roberts
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The National Enquierer is reporting the Roberts will not be attending her half sisters wedding because doesn’t like the groom and she feels used for her money. Oh yes the tabloid is claiming that Julia feels her soon to be brother-in-law is sponging off Nancy. The story further claims a “source” revealed the actress is afraid Motes will hit her up for cash to pay for the nuptials. There is no mention of when the wedding or where the wedding is to take place.

Nancy is the younger half sister of Julia and her brother Eric Roberts. Nancy is the daughter of Julia’s mother Betty Lou and her second husband Michael Motes. She like her famous sibling was born and raised in Georgia. However she has recently located to Los Angeles with John, her fiance’ but not to be an actress. Motes works as production assistant on the hit Fox show Glee. Other than that info there is not too much out there about the 37-year old.

Nancy Motes may be Julia Roberts sister but if The National Enquirer report is correct, which I don’t have a lot of faith in, then they are far from one big happy family. This is not the first time that rumors have circulated that the siblings were in a feud. The tabloid has reported on two other feuds, one alleging that Julia went nuts when her young sister was caught snapping pics of her newborn twins. Then again two years ago there wa rumored to be a rift because Roberts was disgusted with Nancy about her weight.

Considering the source of all these alleged rumors, I don’t really think they are too legit. What we know for a fact is that Motes and Roberts are sisters and that is it. Could there be some family drama, well sure but don’t we all have family drama. I guess only time will tell if the tabloid is accurate or not by that I mean the wedding will happen and if Julia does not attend it will definitely say something.

If you are looking for photos of Motes, I have found a mugshot under her name but it can’t be confirmed that it is Roberts sister. It is below, so let me know if you think it is Julia’s younger sis or not. Also I want to know what do you think about the story of feuding?

Update: Nancy Motes was found dead of a drug overdose this week. She had once again been feuding with her family half-sister, sending a serious of disparaging Twitter tweets within the last few days of her life. Very sad story for the family.