Did you know that Surburgatoy’s Jane Levy’s husband was Jaime Freitas? I sure didn’t but it turns out she was married but is headed for a divorce.

Jaime Freitas

TMZ was first to break the story that not only was the red headed beauty married but that after seven months it is over. Yep she may play a teenager on the hit ABC show but in real life she is facing some very adult problems. However they are not new problems. As it turns out the couple married in 2011 but separated in October of 2011. Yes that is right after only seven months they decided it was dunzo.

They may have chosen to split almost a year and a half ago but Jane just recently filed official divorce papers citing irreconcilable differences. Oh the old Hollywood stand by reason for getting a divorce, guess she has learned something from her time in La La Land.

Although Freitas is an actor, his career has certainly not taken the turn that his soon to be ex-wife’s has. Jaime seems to have done ok working but mostly in foreign films, which I don’t really know much about. In fact there is very little known about him or the two of them as a couple. Despite her recent success with Suburgatory the two managed to keep their marriage and courtship one heck of a secret.

I did some looking to see if Jamie Freitas, Jane Levy’s husband that no one knew she was actually hitched to, had a Facebook or Twitter account but he doesn’t seem to have one. Sure there are some under that name but none are him, seriously who knew that was such a popular name.

The only thing out there really on Freitas is a video that consists of him and Jane, you can see that here. Yes they made it together, as to why they did that is a good questions. It is very weird and very unclear as to what the purpose of the video was but none the less it is something to see so you should definitely check it out.

If you have any additional information on Freitas or just want to express your thoughts on the fact that he and Levy were actually married, please feel free to share.