Sgt. Emily Allen has been charged in the Lackland Air Force Base sex scandal. She will face three months in jail and has been demoted to airman first class. Get the details here.

Staff Sgt. Emily Allen
Photo: Sgt. Emily Allen
(credit Huff Po)

This has been going on for quite some time, and was finally resolved. It is a violation of military law for Military Training Instructors to have any kind of personal relationship with trainees under their command. So when the Lackland Air Force Base Sex Scandal broke, it was a huge deal. Staff Sgt. Emily Allen plead guilty for having sex with a trainee, seeking to have a liaison with a second airman she met in basic training and having unprofessional social relationships with a pair of female airmen.

Prosecutors wanted to make her punishment harsh, including six months in jail, claiming that she was an officer out of control, and abused her position of power. However Allen chalked it up to being a single parent who let her insecurities and trust issues get the best of her. According to the Daily Mail, one airman told the court that Allen pursued him, calling him on a dormitory intercom, arranging a laundry room encounter and, finally, meeting with him three times during a technical training course. She was not dishonorably discharged, as six of those involved have not been so lucky.

Emily Allen is the first woman that was charged in the sex scandal, and several other men have already been charged. On April 11, Staff Sgt. John W. Gerbick Jr. became the 14th MTI convicted in the scandal. He was found guilty of having unprofessional relationships with two technical training students, adultery and making a false official statement. While, military judge Col. Donald Eller sentenced Gerbick to 45 days confinement and 30 days of hard labor. He was also reduced to airman first class and ordered to forfeit $600 in pay.

Senior Airman Christopher L. Oliver is facing charges of sexual assault, sodomy, adultery, having an unprofessional relationship with a technical trainee, maltreatment and obstruction of justice. And Tech. Sgt. Marc Gayden is charged with rape and sodomy of a female basic military training student.

What do you think about Sgt. Emily Allen’s charges and punishment and the Lackland Air Force Base Sex Scandal?

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