Farrah Abraham has sealed herself a deal – a million dollar sex tape called Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. This girl has no shame!

farrah abraham sex tape
Photo: Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom
(credit VIVID)

Farrah made big news when she made a sex tape and tried to pass it off as a “leaked video.” No one fell for that shiz even for a hot minute and so she had to move on to plan b. Sell it and make a pretty penny off it. Vivid Entertainment ate that shiz up and Farrah made herself a pretty penny. It is being reported that she made nearly $1 million off of the tape. With taxes and stuff, it is really not that much money! Who knew this girl would go that far! I guess with Teen Mom being dunzo, thanks to Amber getting herself is so much trouble, Farrah had to move on to another paycheck.

Hopefully she invests it for Sophia. Farrah was reportedly trying for $2 million but that seemed a bit far fetched. Here’s the deets on the 70 minute sex tape:

The lucrative payday is a little bit less than Abraham had publicly hoped for. Copping to the existence of the tape to Us Weekly on April 10, Abraham mused, “I will not be settling for anything less then a couple million.” In the days that followed, Abraham was shot visiting Vivid’s offices (in the company of daughter Sophia, 3, and her father) and lunching with Hirsch as they reportedly hammered out the details of the deal.

Why did Abaraham do it in the first place? Sources told Us that she’s desperate to revive her career after Teen Mom’s September 2012 finale failed to lead to a new reality show. “She tried to recruit a boyfriend for Couples Therapy,” one pal told Us. “But no one would do it.” She mused to US of the film: “When I’m older, I’ll have my best year to look back on.”

I just don’t get it. Like I said, I never pictures Farrah Abraham making a sex tape, never mind one called Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. What do you think about the title? Will you be making this video purchase?

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