Alejandra Nash may not be Steve Nash’s wife anymore, but she is sure flexing those divorce muscles. Sure, they are split, but she apparently doesn’t think he should be off the hook for monetary support.

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Another day. Another story about a celebrity’s ex-wife out for the gold. They keep their fingers crossed in the hopes that a judge will let them have their hands on the pile of cash they were used to before the split.

But when there are kids involved it gets even more intense — mostly because there is finally a reason why they should have it.

In the case of basketball great Steve Nash’s ex, things are just ugly.

The only strange thing in this case is that it’s not going too far in favor of the wife.

The story goes that after they split, gazillionaire Steve Nash ended up paying a major divorce settlement to Alejandra. He told the judge handling the child support issue that he not only made her a millionaire when they spit, but that she makes a ton of money on her own — something like $30K a month.

Not only that, but TMZ reports that he pays for a ton of other stuff, like “90% of medical, school and extracurricular activities, and 82% of the nanny’s $2k a month salary…”

That’s all fine with him, but she wants more. He says that it would be excessive and she would end up spending it all. His opinion is that she would somehow damage them by overspending on the kids. He claims she is a big spender, and that he just doesn’t want the kids raised that way.

I personally like that attitude. It’s very rare for celebrities to think in that direction. All I can picture is the way some of these children have wardrobes worth more than some people’s cars. I guess Mr. Nash is not in that group.

As for the ruling, well it was already given in favor of Steve, but Alejandra won’t let it go. She wants the cash and insists that she isn’t getting enough support.

An appeal is underway. I can’t imagine the judge will rule in her favor this time around. If so, there is truly something screwy going on here.

Tell us what you think of Alejandra Nash and her battle for more cash below.

Update: New court documents reveal that Alejandra wants to move from Phoenix to Los Angeles so that her three children can be near the dad. And guess what? Steve is fighting it, she says, because the child support guidelines in California are more generous! More here.