Garth Brooks business partner Lisa Sanderson is suing the country singer. The things she is saying about him will certainly tarnish his “I’m a good ole country boy” image.

Lisa Sanderson

TMZ was the first to break the story that Lisa has filed a lawsuit against Garth for unpaid salary, bonus and punitive damages. Sanderson, a TV producer who was hired by Brooks about 20-years ago to help him get his acting career started, is claiming that the “Friends In Low Places” singer screwed her out of salary, bonuses and profits after he lied to her about what she could be earning if she stuck around to help his career.

As it turns out Brooks was his own worst enemy when it came to having a career in Hollywood. In the lawsuit Lisa reveals that he killed deals with Hollywood studios like Fox and Disney, when he make ridiculous demands. One instance she shares involves the movie Saving Private Ryan. Garth was offered a role in the hit movie but allegedly turned it down because he wanted to be the star. According to Sanderson he didn’t want to share the spotlight with Tom Hanks, Matt Damon and Ed Burns, just to give an example of what kind of person she is alluding to him being.

Other than the fact that she was a successful producer when the country signer convinced her to help him with his acting career, there is not a whole heck of a lot we know about Lisa. However since she has a filed a lawsuit against one of country music’s biggest stars, I have a feeling that will change pretty soon. Although there are a few Twitter accounts and Facebook pages under the same name, none of them appear to be the woman suing Brooks.

Lisa Sanderson is Garth Brooks business partner, or rather former business partner, who is not only suing him but has some pretty harsh things to say about him as well. She is claiming that in reality “he is a paranoid, angry, deceitful and vindictive man who will turn against those closest to him on a dime.” She has filed a lawsuit against him seeking $450,000 in unpaid bonus, salary and punitive damages. As of now there has been no response from Garth or his camp regarding the allegations against him.

This story is far from over so make sure you keep checking back with Right Entertainment for further updates. In the meantime let me know your thoughts on the lawsuit between Lisa and Garth.